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Manage your cryptocurrency transactions seamlessly

The increasing use of cryptocurrencies has evolved the need of Cryptocurrency wallet which stores public and private keys and enable seamless, faster, and secured transactions. Businesses that offer a user-friendly and secure wallet have a higher chance of gaining competitive edge and acquiring more customers. You can store multiple cryptocurrencies, monitor and track your transactions, and integrate it with your business’s financial operation and setup.

At Hariweb InfoTech, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company in India, we will help you to access the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry and multiply your revenue generation. We will help to a wide range of business including start-up and enterprises to develop and launch its cryptocurrency wallet. Our developers will help you create white label and custom cryptocurrency wallet from scratch. Despite the type of Cryptocurrency Wallet Solutions you need, we will help you create and follow a roadmap or strategy to development and deployment of crypto wallet. 

Benefits Of Crypto Wallet Services

Features Of Our Cryptocurrency Wallets Services

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Distinct types of Wallets

We are committed to developing various types of Cryptocurrency Wallet Services USA that will be compatible on all devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Multi-signature wallet

Our multi-signature wallet services will help you to enhance the security of your cryptocurrency wallet with the latest technology.

P2P Transactions

Being the best Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company USA, we support no intermediaries in the native blockchain network while promoting P2P crypto wallet apps transactions.

Multi-currency Support

Cryptocurrency Wallet Solutions USA offered by Hariweb InfoTech support various cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoins, Bitcoins cash, Ethereum, etc.

Bill Payments

We are intended to ease the entire transactions of cryptocurrencies, that’s why we are following latest technologies such as utility payment options, QR code scanner, and more.

Data Masking

To maintain user privacy and data privacy, we are offering data masking services to enhance the features of crypto wallets.

Wallet Backup

Recovery and backup plans are necessary for every cryptocurrency owner and we are providing proper wallet backup solution.

Biometric Authentication

We understand the requirement of security for crypto wallet and thus providing biometric authentication security services.

Types Of Cryptocurrency Wallets, We Develop

Crypto coins are the newest technology emerging rapidly with high values. As more people are looking forward to getting involved in this field, hackers are also trying to sneak in but crypto wallet is enriched with security features. Let’s see what kind of wallet you can implement for your business.

This crypto wallet holds the private key of the apps in a centralized server or a third party application server.

This crypto wallet holds the private key of the apps in a centralized server or a third party application server.

According to your requirement and project complexity, we will come up with a project timeline for its accomplishment.

The network specific wallet is best for those who are dealing with multiple cryptocurrencies or tokens.

The traders who are dealing in multiple cryptocurrencies and manage the liquidity of assets can find it perfect.

Coin specific wallet works better for you if you are looking to deal in a particular kind of cryptocurrency.

These wallets can be installed and accessed on mobile devices and are thus highly comfortable and easily accessible by those traders who travels frequently.

They are often considered as recovery option for crypto coins. Private keys can be accessed and authorised via offline verification methods hence making the assets secure.

These are just like web apps and can be accessed from anywhere and on any devices. Private keys are stored in a centralized server.

This type of crypto wallet is like a software that can be installed and accessed on any device with internet connectivity. The software can be easily installed on Android, iOS and other systems.

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