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Almost 90% of people are checking their emails on the daily basis and that’s why it is one of the most important communication channels since decades. Though the social media and spam mails are depriving its importance, it is still one of the effective ways to grow and nurture the leads.

With the best and spam free Email Marketing Management Service, Hariweb InfoTech is helping you to increase the sales cycle of any business. The main purpose of an email marketing technique is to take your prospects to the next level in a sales funnel. Our team has enough talent to create and run an effective email marketing campaign that will grow an interest about your products or services or offerings in the minds of your prospects. With catchy content and attractive designs, our email marketing services will help you to stay in the minds of your prospects or existing clients. Connect with us, if you want to explore the benefits and potential of email marketing campaigns to upscale your sales and leads with the best Email Marketing Agency  pricing in the market.

Our Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Strategy

The very first step is to create an effective email marketing strategy for you. Based on research, we will find out who could be your prospective to target. Then, we will create the effective message to connect and engage with your target. Then after, with your choice of date, we will release the emails and track how those emails are working to drive leads.

Website Call-To-Action Implementation

Call to action is an important entity for lead magnets. Being one of the Top Email Marketing Companies in USA, we will help you to implement call-to-action on your website that will help you to convert website visitors into email subscribers. The call-to-actions will include website pop-ups, sidebar forms, floating headers, and many more.

Lead Magnets Development

We will take care of lead magnets, it means we will create a strategy for developing a dedicated email list for your business. The process will include developing and designing the offers or lead magnets or contents that will encourage people to provide or submit their email address in place of something valuable. This will include quizzes, checklists, eBooks, free guides, and many more.

Email Marketing Software

There are loads of email marketing software available in the market that can be effectively useful in creating and managing the email marketing campaign. We are one of the best Email Marketing Companies in India and will help you to select, implement, and use any of them for your requirement. This software will help you to send mails receive leads, and track the performance of your email marketing campaign.

Advertising Campaign

The quickest way to increase your mailing list is through advertisement of your lead magnets. Our search engine advertisement or social media advertisement can be useful in this regard. We will generate more subscribers through advertisement of lead magnets on search engines and social media. The advertisement would redirect traffic to a custom landing page which would allow users to opt-in to your email list.

Email List Maintenance

We will consistently maintain and take care of your routine list. It is one of the most important steps required to eliminate the unengaged subscribers from the email list because such subscribers who do not engage with the emails will make a negative impact on email deliverability. Such entity in the email list will result in spam and need to be rectified accordingly.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters need to be designed and created in a creative and engaging way with proper use of call-to-actions, images, links, and contents. It should be designed in such a way that it will reflect your business. The content will include blogs, case studies, offers on services or products, new product or service announcement, upcoming event announcement, and more.

Email Marketing analysis and reporting

A monthly report is generated to track the progress of your email marketing. The key metrics to be looked at in the report include open-rates, conversions, click-through rates and subscribers. Based on these factors, you can change our strategy to improve results every month with the help of the best Email Marketing Agency in USA.

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