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iOS: An Innovative Mobile App Development Platform

Developed by Apple and running on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, iOS is an interactive user interface that is based on:

Multi-touch gesture- iOS supports multi-touch interface along with single touch. You will get response of multiple touches. You can even track each touch separately and track how it changes. The multi-touch gesture serves a rich set of user interaction.

Direct Manipulation- It renders the images on the screen which will almost seem real and when you touch them they will respond. The images will move in response to your touch and behave just like the real objects.

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iOS App Development Services in New York: Serving A Vast Opportunity For Businesses

With stable architecture and streamlined interface, iOS mobile applications play a vital role in revenue generation. The combination of high imaginative brains and top-notch market capability will not only reflect through your brand but will also connect strongly with your target audience. An Ios Application Development in India and USA will ensure:

What We Do

 User Interface design is one of the crucial elements for an engaging user experience.

Develop a seamless, stunning, and engaging custom iPhone application with interactive user interface.

We support migration and porting from other platforms to iOS without losing any data.

We will help you to integrate third party API or existing business system with your iOS mobile applications.

We have a dedicated team which will assist you in support and maintenance and they are available any time.

Our Approaches

Native iPhone App development

Native apps are specific to platforms and are generally written in languages that are supported by the platform. iOS apps generally use Swift and Objective-C. The benefits of using native apps include responsiveness, distribution in app stores, intuitive input and output and no need of internet connection. Though native apps provide better user experience, they may be more expensive to develop as compared to hybrid apps.

Hybrid iPhone App development

Hybrid apps are a combination of web and native apps. Hybrid apps have two parts. The first part consists of the backend code while the second part consists of the native shell which can be downloaded and is responsible for loading the code using a webview. Advantages of hybrid apps include cheaper than native apps, doesn’t require a browser and leveraging device APIs. Despite its advantages, they are slower than native apps and cannot be customized to individual platforms.


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