Refund Policy for Hari Web Infotech

Refund Policy at Hariweb InfoTech is created according to standardized practices and strictly follows the market and industrial standards or norms. We include the fair assessment approach in the refund policy. All the refund claims will be processed with the important parameters carefully. In our approach, we make sure that the decisions is justified and mutually agreeable. We prepare the refund policy to treat every claim with appropriate measures that may originate from various assortments of requirements, situations, and delivery of services.

Scope and provision

This Refund Policy stated by Hariweb InfoTech covers its action, approach, and practices for refunds of the payment made by the clients. This Refund Policy does not cover the practices, approach, and action of any other person or organization or company that Hariweb InfoTech does not own or employ or manage including third party services/product providers, any third party website to/from Hariweb InfoTech’s website link.

Standard To Qualify The Refunds?

When you submit your query or complaint or any issue to Hariweb InfoTech, first we will try to provide an ideal solution to your issues/complaints/queries. The technical team at Hariweb Infotech will take care of your case and then make a report on your issue/complaint/query and submit it to the panel of experts. Expert panel will take the final decision as to what to do. Refund will be made in the extreme case when no proper solution can be provided to solve your issues/queries/complaints.

We will check few circumstances and validity of the case before making any refund. Refund may be applicable if any of the below mentioned conditions (not limited to) will be satisfied:

How Will Refund Take Place?

Pre-Refund Process

Post-Refund Process