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Why Do We Need Website Hosting?

Whenever we talk about starting or creating a website, only designs, development, functionality, and features are not enough for success. Suppose, you have designed an amazing website, you are done with its naming and now you got domain name as well. Now, what will be the next step? For the World Wide Web, your domain name registration is not enough. Hosting a website will make your website live on the web. Let’s see what is web hosting and why it is necessary.


What’s The Actual Meaning Of Website Hosting?

Website hosting is a service that serves the required technologies or practices to make a website accessible on the web. Website hosting service provider helps you to secure a space on the web. It works just like real estate services where you rent or buy a space to live. Likewise, with hosting services, you rent a space on the web where you can save information or web pages or data to share with the world. People will be able to search your website with your name and domain name and connect directly to your website to access those information.

What are the features you can get with website hosting services?

  • With your domain name and hosting services, you can create your own domain email accounts
  • With the use of FTP, you will be able to upload files on the web server from your local computer
  • If your website is built on HTML files, you can upload it to the web server a well
  • Many hosting service providers support website builder such as WordPress that allows you to create a website with the simple drag and drop method even if you don’t have technical knowledge

Types of website hosting services

When you go for website hosting services, you will find that there are various options available that will vary on technical expertise, storage capacity, reliability, speed, and support. Here are few options that you can find:

  • Cloud Hosting- This type of hosting is suited best for large websites that have to deal with the large volume of traffic.
  • Shared hosting- This is the cheapest hosting service in which you will rent a space on the web server with some other websites. The resources available on that particular server will be shared by everyone.
  • Dedicated server hosting- Unlike shared hosting services, you are the only one who will use the entire resource of a server and thus you can enjoy amazing control and customization features. It will be more expensive that other hosting services but you will get full control.
  • VPS hosting- In this hosting service, each private server will be divided into some individual servers that will act like dedicated server. The entire resource of the server will be shared by some other websites as well but in very limited number unlike shared hosting. If you cannot invest in dedicated server that will cost you a lot but want similar control and customization features, then VPS hosting service will be perfect for you.

Hosting is a must have service

Now, it is needless to say why you need website services. By now you know that it is an essential part to make your website live on the World Wide Web. You just need to understand your requirement as to which one will work best for you. If you have some confusion, connect to an expert who can help you in finding the best website hosting services along with its configuration and setup.